Class In Action Project

In 2016 GYSMA was given a donation from the, then, St Andrew’s Festival committee. GYSMA agreed to buy class sets of instruments to loan, free of charge, to schools working with the GYSMA in Gt Yarmouth.

We were able to buy 2 class sets of recorders, one set coloured, appealing to the Key Stage 1 children and 1 set in traditional colour to appeal to the older student.

We also bought 2 class sets of hand chimes and a class set of Ukuleles.

The instruments are loaned for half a term at a time before being offered to other schools.

There is no cost to the schools to borrow the instruments (aside for damage costs if they occur). Instead the GYSMA asks that schools using the instruments show what they have learned in the form of a performance whether it be in their classroom, assembly or at a concert in public.

Staff are also asked to add any resources they feel would help the next school who use the instruments.
The ‘Class In Action’ project is working very successfully with over 10 schools, so far, having borrowed the instruments.

Our Vice Chair, Carol Clayton is running the project for GYSMA and any enquiries will be passed onto her through the Secretary.